I am working in the gap.
In the void between painting and sculpture.
My works are creations between the dimensions.
You can see no subject in my art, mostly.
Void and timelessness surround my work.
I like to make series of the same.
So difference can emerge.
And nothing else.

Christoph Robausch was born in Austria in 1959 and studied at Technical University Graz and University of Economics, Vienna. After two decades as product designer, interior designer and art director for international companies, he trained as a multi media designer and programmer. After another decade of freelance work in multimedia design and multimedia art design, Christoph Robausch became an independent artist and produced more than 3000 RF videos (short animated clips). Since 2016 his focus has been on paintings, sculptural paintings and sculptures. The extraordinary surface of these artworks is also the basis for his newest video footage.