cR [Christoph Robausch] opens hidden insights of his physical artworks and creation process in different moods and various approaches. With “OTHERWORLD UNSEEN” the pure being of cR ’s artworks appeares. 

The digital transformation of these hidden insights is strictly based on original photography of his own artworks and the process of creation and physical transformation. “OTHERWORLD UNSEEN” is an ongoing project based on his physical artworks from the past and in progress. 

Most of his recent artworks are built in aluminium and painted. The freestanding sculptures are up to three meters high. All work is done manually by himself. The digital transformation is also created and carried out by the artist himself. cR uses simple photo editing software to arrange and animate the impressions of his singular world in a clear artistic style, to preserve its authenticity and originality. With the digital transformation of the underlying atmosphere he unlocks a new approach to and perception of his artistic worlds.